Thursday, June 20, 2019

Summer is already peeking around the corner!

Here we are reaching the beginning of summer... Can you believe it? With Easter, Mother's day, Graduations, and Prom and Father's day behind us it can be hard to catch our breath, but it is important to do so (and to take a few... ) because summer is here and with summer comes it's own set of rewards and challenges. Cape Cod's population swells to three times it's normal size, Fourth of July and Summer adventures... Making the most of the season for yourself will benefit you personally all of those you influence!
Summer is traditionally a time of celebrations, especially weddings and for celebrating the passing of the old and the mark of the longest day of the year.... After this we savor each day of summer as the days get shorter and shorter and the nights get longer. With all the celebrating going on we can feel like our heads are spinning! 

It's important to make sure you get a chance to experience this season with all of our senses and not just power through our busy summer schedules. How can you “experience” summer?
Consider hosting a bonfire or planning a picnic. Being outside this time of year helps you and guests connect with each other and with nature's beauty. Naturally this will help you and those around you focus on each other and your experiences... not our busy world where nothing is ever done, and people are too busy to take a break from the abundance of work or incoming information stream we all experience these days.
Having fresh foods and flowers and the experience of buying them from local farmers helps keep you connected to where our bountiful resources really come from. Of course if you are hosting a large outdoor event be prepared for muddy feet...and maybe opt for a classy portable restroom solution... Hint Hint...likeElizaJ! (Especially with the hot sun beating down, your guests deserve the cleanest potties available!) Before you know it it the days of summer will be over, and fall will begin and we will be back to our routines. We hope you can take the time and really experience this summer season and all the smells, tastes and adventure that comes with it!