Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy New Year!

2020 has arrived and we are ready to get a fresh start. We have eaten all the cookies, ham, turkey and candies we can possibly need and may even be feeling sleep deprived from watching the ball drop. A fresh start is something many of us feel compelled to early in January, and we have a certain sense of urgency to make the changes happen.

Gym memberships are being bought, the pizza joints are feeling the loss in sales while everyone goes on a diet...and we are ready to take on anything! After all, with the new year comes a new you, right?

Not so fast... most people begin the year with high hopes of changing or improving in major areas of their lives. New year's resolutions often include strict diets, exercise regimens, and better sleep hygiene...but what inevitably happens? You guessed it, we slip back into our same old habits. This is typical when big changes are made all at once, we have the urge and motivation to start but lack the advanced planning, routines and habits to follow through. When we start getting busy with our day-to-day lives we get back to our day-to-day habits.

So what can you do about it? Are new years resolutions a complete waste? We don't think so, but we do think it is important to think realistically, and create reasonable goals, and plan small steps you can take to live your best new year! So do let the sense of urgency the New Year brings motivate you to take action, but remember small changes are more likely to stick with you. We also believe in planning for success in advance. Can you think of things that will keep you from achieving all that you hope for this year? For example, do you have a wedding, graduation or other major life event to plan for coming up? What kind of stresses can you plan for in advance so that you are ready before you get overwhelmed? 

Planning ahead and having structure in place will help you to have a more even flow in your life for the months ahead, giving yourself the space and time to work on other positive changes that can affect you all year, like say, cooking more home-made meals rather than getting take out when you are busy, or sticking to your exercise plan even in the weeks or days before your big event. Get the large hurdles out of the way before they cause us to trip and fall when all of the “stumbling blocks” of life start showing up all at once. Spring will be here before you know it and while you may not be able to predict everything you can predict some things...

This brings us to our point. You can be your best self this year, just remember to anticipate and do what you can before the pressure is on and decisions have to be made in a hasty, last second way. Haste makes waste. Get your event planning done early. Big events can cause stress and having things in place like a portable restroom solution, catering, venue and d├ęcor well in advance will save your sanity when you have to start picking up the pace. There will always be choices to make in the final days and hours but what you do not want to do is save the big stuff for last. Just remember Murphy's Law, “If something can go wrong, it will.” Don't let that thing that goes wrong be “no nice restrooms for your guests” because 10 other parties were also planned for your special weekend and there are no more available facilities. Plan AHEAD and get your booking done early. Then breathe a sigh of relief, check it off your list and go eat an apple and see what else you can accomplish.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Where did the summer go?

It’s time to put the pumpkins on the step, if you haven’t done so already. It has been such a warm season so far this year it hardly feels like Fall and yet it is almost Halloween! As the days get shorter, cooler and the leaves get more colorful we are reminded that the end of the year is coming soon. Apples, are ripe winter squash is flourishing and we are slowing down our schedules, but not for long. We enjoy the easy pace of the fall after a busy summer full of parties, guests and entertainment. Kids are back to school and we breathe a sigh of relief.

Before we are ready, signs of the holidays are appearing everywhere. We have Christmas decorations along side Halloween Candies and we start anticipating the next bustling season approaching. We can see it in the distance, having our family and friends over for Turkey dinners, shopping lists and preparing baked goods...but what can we do before the holidays are in full swing?

Plan for next year. As quickly as the holidays come and overwhelm us with a sense of fullness, both in delicious mashed potatoes and gravy, and emotionally with the reunion of our loved ones, it will soon (in only a couple short months) be behind us and the reality of the new year will kick in.

From the slower fall into the family and holiday centric early winter it can be hard to feel like the things we want to do next year are “urgent”, but we know 2020 is really just around the corner and we also now we are about to be very busy and we will most likely put off planning for the important events that occur in the early months of the new year. We also forget that we are not the only ones…

We know from experience, being in the Elegant Portable Restrooms business since the 80’s that it is the best time of year NOW in the FALL to book and plan for your events next year. There will be many pieces and details to put together as your special day approaches, and some things can’t be done in advance. However booking your restroom solution can be, and should be and it will be one big “worry” that you can turn into an accomplishment BEFORE we turn into the new year. In the new year, the other people who had intended to plan, ahead but didn’t, will be rushing at once to get their catering and other pieces for their parties or events booked and you will find there is less availability and choice as services people need are being reserved.

We know how much the details matter, and we encourage you to think ahead at this point in the season and do what you can to be prepared. You will definitely thank yourself later when you find yourself in mid February realizing you already have a few large responsibilities crossed of your list for the Party you are hosting at the end of May! And good thing too, because by then who knows how many new ideas you will have come up with for that special day! Now that you have some of the biggest hurdles behind you, you are free to get creative down to the last detail!

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Summer is already peeking around the corner!

Here we are reaching the beginning of summer... Can you believe it? With Easter, Mother's day, Graduations, and Prom and Father's day behind us it can be hard to catch our breath, but it is important to do so (and to take a few... ) because summer is here and with summer comes it's own set of rewards and challenges. Cape Cod's population swells to three times it's normal size, Fourth of July and Summer adventures... Making the most of the season for yourself will benefit you personally all of those you influence!
Summer is traditionally a time of celebrations, especially weddings and for celebrating the passing of the old and the mark of the longest day of the year.... After this we savor each day of summer as the days get shorter and shorter and the nights get longer. With all the celebrating going on we can feel like our heads are spinning! 

It's important to make sure you get a chance to experience this season with all of our senses and not just power through our busy summer schedules. How can you “experience” summer?
Consider hosting a bonfire or planning a picnic. Being outside this time of year helps you and guests connect with each other and with nature's beauty. Naturally this will help you and those around you focus on each other and your experiences... not our busy world where nothing is ever done, and people are too busy to take a break from the abundance of work or incoming information stream we all experience these days.
Having fresh foods and flowers and the experience of buying them from local farmers helps keep you connected to where our bountiful resources really come from. Of course if you are hosting a large outdoor event be prepared for muddy feet...and maybe opt for a classy portable restroom solution... Hint Hint...likeElizaJ! (Especially with the hot sun beating down, your guests deserve the cleanest potties available!) Before you know it it the days of summer will be over, and fall will begin and we will be back to our routines. We hope you can take the time and really experience this summer season and all the smells, tastes and adventure that comes with it!